Five tips for choosing the best winter boots to handle the UK weather!

Experts predict the UK is heading towards the full range of weather conditions this year, from snowy spells to winter showers. Unless you want to be stuck indoors for the next four months, you will need some warm winter boots that will take you across all terrains, from the slopes, to the hillsides, from puddles to pavements.

Before you purchase a pair, here are our five top tips to finding the perfect boots for changeable weather. 

Dry feet are everything

Firstly, the a good pair of boots will offer you protection from wet conditions - preferably a Raintex water resistant membrane. This will ensure that be it snow or dew, you won’t get soggy toes, keeping you healthy and warm. Check-out our Victoria boots for a good example of a winter boot that is also designed for walking distances in all weathers.

Comfort is key 

Winter boots can be heavy, so you need a boot that isn’t weighed down by excess fabrics or hefty materials. However, you will also want to be warm and comfortable. Having a fully fleeced lining, as seen in the Oribi boot, ensures comfort, without compromising on style.

Don’t rule out boots designed for ski resorts

There is a range of boots called ‘après ski boots’ which are designed for skiers to wear when they are off the slopes, walking around in the wintery conditions of ski-resorts. However, often these boots can be the perfect solution for the UK too, offering us a warm, secure, and slip-proof sole that should keep you comfortable as much on a wintery dog walk as it would on a winter ski slope.  The Sorex2 by Mammal Boots, is a great example of multi-functional boot that works home and away. 

Don’t slip-up and forget to check your sole

The most important feature of a good winter boot is the sole. When conditions are wet and icy you want to feel as stable and secure on your feet as possible. This feeling of confidence starts with the sole, one like the Squaw, which offers an innovative OC system, providing increased grip, enabling you to walk safely on any surfaces. Find out more about this system here.

Go from puddle to pub with ease

Style and functionality do not need to be mutually exclusive. Whether walking to your local pub or meeting up with friends on a cold frosty evening, there are boots out there that offer you the stability of a good walking boot, with the style of a fashion boot. Like the Lucia boot, with a stylish fur trip and in fab muted colours you can wear them with anything and still have the security you need from functional footwear.  

So there you go, style, function, comfort and stability, you don’t need to compromise on any of them in the quest for your perfect winter boot.