OC Ice Grip System

​For the ultimate winter boot the checklist doesn’t stop with warmth, water resistance and style - safety tops the list every time at Mammal.  We all love the white stuff, but where there is snow there is slippery ground, which is why Mammal Boots have adopted the innovative OC System which provides increased grip, enabling you to walk safely on icy surfaces. The retractable ice grip is integrated into the soles of your boots and features stainless steel studs set within a framework of flexible polyurethane that remains durable even at extreme temperatures. The system is hassle-free, a handy key is provided that enables the wearer to easily and quickly flip the ice grips in or out. The OC System is incorporated into many Mammal styles helps set this range of winter boots apart. Those styles that have been designed without the OC System have been constructed with a contoured sole which offers excellent grip and stability. Whichever style you opt for, a pair of Mammal boots will ensure you comfort, warmth, safety and style.